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Construction IT Project Management

WELCOME TO A NEW YEAR- Time for a Fresh Start and a New Vision for your IT Needs. The new Remote Life has proven to be challenging. The most important Security Responsibility is the "Human Firewall'.

Everyone needs technology in business today. Everyone has technology in their lives at home. It's important to be able to use the best tools and services to succeed. But how do you go about identifying what you need and how much of it?


Klimes Group can help you take a look at your company IT services from a concierge services perspective. Step back and look at the overall technology picture. Review, plan & implement products and services that prepare your business to succeed, survive and grow.


Are you wondering if your current IT support services are being completed as scheduled? Questioning if monthly update and maintenance services are applied? These are all valid concerns and questions.

Klimes Group can perform a full systems audit and inventory, to help you get a snapshot of how much is being completed by your current IT provider. Ask about our IT Systems Audit and reporting.


Klimes Group- IT Construction Project Management

Our services provide technology design and layout support services during new construction and renovations to ensure that everything behind the scenes || in the walls || is properly designed, installed and implemented so when you click the button everything works. 


Take a look around and see how the Klimes Group 'Concierge IT Services'

can be of assistance to you and your business needs.

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